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Student Testimonials

"A friend and I came across Surya Yoga on the internet and decided to have a go at the trial class. We walked in, signed up and have not looked back since.  That was 10 months ago and what can I say but I am definitely feeling the benefits that yoga has to offer. Each class leaves me feeling invigorated and I am always looking forward to the next ‘torture’ session.

Classes can oftentimes be challenging and you just feel like throwing in the towel, but with the guidance and continuous support of Jo and her team of teachers, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Every class I have attended has been enjoyable and designed to challenge the boundaries between the mind and body.  

Fun, dedicated teachers, and a nice studio to practice in, what more can one ask for."

~ Jaime Ng

"There's no place I'd rather be than Surya Yoga when I need to find peace of mind and stretch my muscles after a tedious day at the office. I have the instructors here to thank for that: they motivate me to persevere in these classes but never force me beyond my limits. The best rewards come at the end of each class, when a sense of satisfaction washes over me, making me feel better about myself."

~ Fabian Voon

"I was briefly introduced to yoga about 8 years back, but unfortunately my interest was “killed” after a few classes due to various reasons; inexperienced teachers, inconducive studios, packed classes – just to name a few.

About 9 months ago, a friend of mine and I decided to lead a healthier lifestyle and thus we bit the bullet and joined our first yoga class at surya yoga . I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. Yes, the class was pretty intense for a person who never exercised much in her life but I immediately felt the results and I have never looked back since. A total opposite from the bad experience I had 8 years ago, surya has a great team of teachers, serene studio and good variety of yoga classes to cater to each individual’s needs and preferences.

Yoga has changed my life! My overall physical and emotional health has improved. I do not feel as tired as before, and other benefits include increased muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Looking at myself in the mirror doing those what seemed impossible poses makes me feel empowered. I am also more at peace with people around me, and I look forward to continuing my practice! Namaste!"

~ Jennifer Lee

"I have been with Surya Yoga for about 4 months now. I am still in beginner classes, but hope to enter the intermediate classes soon. At first I was rather nervous attending the classes, but I soon found out that the Surya Yoga family is rather warm and inspiring. We challenge each other to be better people, but we don’t actually compete against each other. 

I actually work part time at Surya Yoga most weekday nights. Started a few weeks ago. You will find me at the counter taking attendance and handling inquiries. Everyone in Surya Yoga has been very welcoming, even Aunty Susan (our chef), and Kak Kokum (who’s a whiz at making juices)! I am not bias, I truly believe that Surya Yoga is a great place to learn, practice yoga, and also to meet like minded people. I really like the chicken wraps at the Juice and Salad Bar too =) Definitely worth trying!"

~ Elisha Rusli

"Yogafit is one of my favourite class. I usually go for yogafit class twice a week and within just a few classes, I can see the huge differences on my body. I not only lose weight but my body is toned up especially at my arms, tummy n thighs area where it is the hardest part to lose. Besides that my complexion improve as well. I will definitely recommend to those who wants to lose weight! "

~ Hor Ee Laine

"I was asked to write an article on my birthing experience and I agreed immediately. I feel like I have been totally, extremely luckily with my delivery, and I strongly believe pre-natal yoga did miracles to my body J

I was never, ever, a physically active person. During school days, I would be the ones hiding under the tree during Physical Exercise (PE) class, exercising my mouth (chatting). I joined the school editorial team just so I can skip the yearly 5km marathon that was compulsory for all students. I would rather starve to lose weight than to do any physical activity…… I think you get the hint how lazy I was, hehehe :P

Fast forward……. 6 months before I was due to get married, my husband-to-be started working out at the gym. I thought I should probably work out too so that I would look my best for the big day, and I want to look good after I got married, so that people won’t say I’ve lost my figure after I got married. So I started going to the gym twice a week, lifting weights and doing sit-ups. My friends actually notice that I look fitter! Proud of myself, I continued with the gym sessions diligently even though I never had a trainer and all my work outs were taught by magazines and the internet.

Few months later, my husband had a slight discomfort in his lower back. So off he went to see the doctor and after all the scans and what not’s, the doctor told him there is nothing medically they can do but that my husband should try yoga. Within a month, our condo’s committee set up yoga session at the multipurpose hall. My husband and I thought this must be God’s way of telling us, “Practice yoga! There’s no excuse this time!” So we promptly sign up for it and we have been practicing it ever since.

December 2009, my period came 2 weeks late, and it was very light and brownish. “No problem I thought, it has happened before, no worries.” I was drinking heavily as it was the holiday season, pubs opening free flows, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve……. I was driving home from work one day, and I had a passing nausea feeling which lasted literally 2 seconds. “Strange…..” I thought to myself. I only get nausea if I had been tired, but I was feeling really good that day. Then I realized I had been having my period for 3 weeks, and now this nausea feeling, something is happening. So I got home, bought a home pregnancy kit, it tested positive.

So my husband and I went to see a gynae the next day and the doctor confirmed that I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was given a hormonal jab and some pills, my bleeding stopped 1 week later. I decided to stop all physical activities until I enter my 2nd trimester, and thought to myself “Let the fun begins.” Now this is going to sound like a brag, but the ‘fun’ never came. I mean it, no nausea, no fainting spell, no dizziness, no tiredness, no nothing  I thought I was REALLY REALLY lucky, and I soon enter my 2nd trimester. I looked forward to see the gynae, hoping to get the green light to start my yoga and gym sessions (with a certified instructor, of course). But I think my gynae was a bit old fashion, cos as soon as I pop the question, came the immediate “no”. 

The gynae thought gym workouts, no matter how mild, was too strenuous, yoga is fine. Feeling disappointed, I quickly sign up for pre-natal yoga. The 1st yoga session went well, not too easy and not too difficult. I even stayed back to ask the yoga instructor what other asanas I can practice at home. So the 1st 2 weeks, I practice yoga once a week. 3rd and 4th week, twice a week. 5th and 6th week, 3 times a week. 7th week onwards,  4 times a week. 

My pregnancy went well, no drama no nothing. No water retention, only problem was that I can’t walk for a long period of time. I thought I was probably weak, so I made sure I really practice yoga to make up for the fact that I can’t do much walking, as suggested by my gynae.

Exactly 37 weeks pregnant, I woke up 3.30am feeling hungry. So after consuming some biscuits, made a toilet visit, tried to go back to sleep. 5 minutes later, I felt like I had to pass motion, so reluctantly I got out of bed and found out I was bleeding a little. Worried, I started reading ‘what to expect when expecting’ to see if it’s common. While I was still reading it, I felt the contraction again. “This is probably the contraction”, I thought to myself. So I started timing the contractions and they came every 6-7 minutes, lasting about 30 seconds each. I called the hospital, explained my situation, and was asked to get myself checked. So I quickly packed some last minute stuff and my husband drove me to the hospital which was only 10 minutes away. When I got to the hospital, the contractions were getting quite bad. I passed all the relevant documents to the person-in-charge while my husband parked the car. I was wheeled into the labor room and I remember thinking to myself if this is what contraction is all about, I can’t last for half a day as most of friends went through. Just cut me open! 

After the nurse examined me, I quickly asked her how dilated I was and was told that I am already 9cm dilated! Relieved, I thought to myself that ok, 9cm, can’t be too far off now. While waiting for my gynae, the midwife asked me to do a trial run on how to push, and I must have done fairly well cos she immediately asked me to stop! The doctor came soon enough, and was finally given the green light to push at the next contraction. My boy was born at the 3rd contraction, at 5.56am, weighing 2.56kg. So all in all, the whole thing only lasted 2 and a half hours. Everything went quickly after that and I was discharge the day after.

My boy is now 20 months old and doing great. I wrote this article to inspire mothers-to-be to please try out yoga. As I mentioned earlier I was never physically active, but I believe my easy pregnancy and delivery was solely due to yoga. I am not a yoga instructor and I am not even an advance practitioner. I cannot do splits or jump up into a hand stand. But I believe whole heartedly that yoga really did wonders for me. So to all you mothers-to-be out there, just give it a try"

~ Felicia

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