Friday, 13 September 2013

Pear-ing it Up! - Yoga Outfits for Pear Shaped Women

Generally, I don't quite dare wear fancy yoga outfits, it's the truth! I usually come into class wearing any 'baju rumah' that is still decent enough to walk out in daylight with and a good pair of yoga pants (usually Aviva or Adidas). Oh, not forgetting, a good sports bra (almost missed that one out). I currently use Reebok sports bras, because it fits my well endowed top rather well and it's support is wonderful. Too much information? *giggles*

I've never invested in a good top for some reason, so I decided, let me have a look at what's available out there. And what looks good for my body type. Then, I found tips on finding the right yoga outfit for your body type. So here goes, let me start of with the humble pear. In future, I will cover all body types and blog about it (I love yogi fashion!). 

Tons and tons of yogi fashionistas at Surya Yoga. There are some with 'WHOA' pieces, some with daring stylish pieces and some with the equivalent to a 'little black dress'. Love how people dress up for the part, and confidently too *smiles*. It's not uncommon for me (ask anyone) asking who and who, so and so about what they are wearing, how much it costs and of course complimenting them on how it flatters their figure. Come to think of it, I might be a tad bit nosy (oh my!).

Generally how we women are shaped

A little more precised description

I was surprised at the amount of really good information there floating about cyberspace. These are a few tips I gathered for pear shaped women in search of the perfect yoga outfit. Oh before I proceed, pear shaped women are generally very small on top (small bust line and waist) and have full hips. Fairly easy to dress you would think? But nope, there still are very important tips that pear women should adhere to (to look fantastic on or off the mat *smiles*).

  1. Strapless yoga tops look great for pear women, it shows off your slim top half
  2. Chose a yoga top that cut off above the hip line for a more flattering look
  3. Flared yoga pants will elongate the legs and balance out the hips
  4. Wear light colors on top, it helps draw eyes up and away from your hips
  5. Avoid yoga pants with stripes/patterns down the sides of the legs, they will make your hips look wider
  6. Accentuate, accentuate, accentuate that little waist you have (I believe I'm a well endowed apple, so I am mighty jealous of these lucky pears!)

These are the basic tips that I've found in most websites. So I thought, why not have a little fun and shop around? Online shopping of course. Perhaps I should call it, online window shopping (for now). So I searched (not too high and low though - it was fairly easy to find such great designs at yoga apparel stores online) and these are what I could find that would suit pear shaped women well!

Zobha Supplex-Lycra Marilyn tank, $58; 
Evolve pants, $80,

Anna Tank, $ 72 found at Zobha

Aviva Sleeveless Top, RM 69.90 found at Zalora

Aviva Long Pants, RM 109.90 found at Zalora

So there you go gurls, will be updating a lot more on yogi fashion for other body types. Keep a close eye on our Surya Yoga blog yeah? Our next article will be about 10 tips on how to pick a good yoga outfit. The 'Do's and Don'ts' and the 'What's in and What's outs' *smiles*.


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