Friday, 18 October 2013

5 Things I Wish I Knew At 25

(1) Happiness isn't some state that we get to eventually. There is only now, it can be found now. Chasing after happiness (when it could be clearly be just in front of us) will make us lose our breathe, or worse, lose our hope. 

Also, bad things happen to EVERYONE. Suffering is just part of life. But as many things, it will pass. We shouldn't get to caught up in happy or sad moments as well, they come and go. 

(2) Comparisons is definitely a deadly negative thinking sin. It's always, "I wish I was as _______ as ________". If we compare ourselves endlessly with a list of people (and the worse, celebrities) we will always feel horrible and feel bad about ourselves. Some can use this as motivation though. We were all dealt with different cards. So we play the game differently.

(3) Success isn't for just a small percentage of people. I wish I knew that success could be measured in many ways. There are no winners of losers.

(4) Competitiveness makes us greedy, hurtful people. We can hate someone without even knowing them. Success as I've read and found out, can be shared. Working towards a common goal together is waaayyy better. 

Competitiveness comes from making comparisons. Comparisons are fallacies. People are just different. No two are alike. If we were all the same (all with the same characteristics and achievements), we'd be robots!

We need to accept our flaws as just that, flaws. That we are human. We are all equal. We are all flawed in our own ways. There is no need to compete. The playing field is different for everyone.

(5) Anger is a tricky feeling. Someone could be angry with us or at us, but we could choose how to respond. We could go the 'high' way or pick a fight. To be honest, 'standing up for yourself' is just a ribbon wrapped version of 'reciprocating anger'. 

The best was is to let it slide off like teflon! (not my own quote unfortunately, found it online... catchy huh?). If we really wanted to stand up for ourselves, we should let 'so and so' cool off, then approach the matter when everyone is more level headed. Sometimes emotions can get in the way of common sense.

Let em' slide
Thank God for teflon!


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