Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tips for em' Juicy Apple Shaped Women!

'Woot woot' my apple shaped comrades! So as you probably can tell, today we shall be going through what makes us apples, well... more 'apple core' (pun intended). Being an apple myself, I have gone through so many trials and errors in terms of fashion. 

Countless of really bad fashion mistakes like wearing tops that don't go below my hips WITH sheer leggings! (in my defense, I really thought they were the denier opaque type). Tons of people stared at me that horrible day when I went to the movies at the Curve. Oh well, let's move on... time to erase my fashion 'boo-boos' and head on to the more ample well dressed apple!

Above, general women shapes

The apple
There's a whole bunch of us out there!

Apples are 'top heavy' folk, we have wide torsos, broad shoulders and a full bust (waist, and upper back!). We however have thinner arms, legs and hips (the perks of being an apple). 

We gather fat around our waistlines though, little tires that add up day by day if nothing is done to deflate them. Let's show em' what we've got! (but appropriately). Lets get down to business and see what works for us.

  • Numero uno, draw attention away from thy belly! Avoid low shorts or low pants. Find ones that hug you well (over the belly if possible - yes, I know this may look a little 'aunty/mom jeans'  but hey, if it works.. it works!)
  • Don't wear tops with a different pattern in the belly section. Let's not draw attention to it more.
  • Choose yoga attire that isn't too clingy. Try find textured fabric (woven material). T-shirts with ruched middles also give definition.
  • Flaunt your bust. It actually takes away the attention from your belly. Wear V necks and plunging neckline yoga tops.
  • Avoid halter yoga tops, very high necklines, decorated necklines, off the shoulder cut yoga tops and yes, boat neck yoga tops. They make our upper body look broader.
  • Yoga pants with back pockets will help balance out our apple waist. Flared, wide-leg or boot cut yoga pants work wonders to even us apples out.
  • This is my own tip, if you have flappy flabby arms (you know what I mean?), stay away from those capped sleeves yoga tops! If you like t-shirts, remember to find something that clinches your arms. Don't let it be too loose.

Generally what apples should look for

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