Friday, 20 September 2013

Carnival Event : 8 Hour Yogathon - read all about it!

Hey yogis, 
participating in 
our 8 Hour Yogathon? 

Don't forget to join our 8 Hour Yogathon (a special carnival event!). It's a free and easy, relaxed, zen-ed out yogathon. If you feel tired you can head out for a drink or rest. 

If you feel like you can't handle the full stretch, don't fret! It's okay to join one or two sessions as well. No hard fixed rules. Those that complete 8 hours of the yogathon will receive a little something from us at Surya Yoga.

Join us!

FREE for existing members
a small fee of RM50 for non members

Participants of ALL levels are welcomed to join

Poses will be modified according to the different levels

Below is a detailed itinerary of the 8 hour Yogathon.
Read about each yoga session and what it's all about.

Do have a look *smiles*

9am - 11am 
Breathing and Meditation
Starting our yoga practice with the right frame of mind.
Meditation is all about re-centering our awareness. Our breath is interconnected with the body, our emotions and mind. When the body is calm, our breath is calm. When our emotions are calm, our breath is calm and so it is for the mind as well. Sitting with eyes closed letting the mind absorb in observing and experiencing the movement of breath we will enter a state of consciousness and peace. Lily will lead us in this beautiful peaceful practice preparing ourselves to undergo the 8 hour yogathon.

10am -11am 
Good for strength, balance and focus. 
These energetic poses provide a straight line to shaping our best body.
Standing balances require leg strength, upper body flexibility and at times the ability to balance on one leg. Selina's sequence will challenge you to move from one pose to another with grace and balance. You will build strength as you use your standing leg to keep you grounded. You will notice your core muscles building up as well. Perfect for all yoga levels and fitness levels. Poses will be modified accordingly. Selina believes in doing yoga with a graceful flow, having an extensive dance background, her yoga techniques are strong and precise.

11am - 12noon  
Hips Opening
Junko will create a breath and movement sequence combining both dynamic asanas with more passive held stretches focusing on the hips and hamstrings. This will allow for greater freedom of movement of the lumbar region of the spine. Participants will feel energized after a class with Junko with her natural sense of humour.

12noon - 1pm 
Arm Balance
These yoga poses are good for strength, 
body awareness and focus, providing some fun challenges for every body.
Jenny will provide detailed instructions on arm balance poses such as handstands, fore arm balance, crow pose and many more. Jenny will teach us how to approach these poses safely, with proper alignment and strong intention. She is a natural yogi, and is very concise with her instructions. She often gives thorough demonstrations beforehand allowing students to have a closer and detailed look at her yoga technique.

1pm - 2pm 
Lunch, Jenny's Yoga Performance 
and light refreshments

2pm - 3pm 
Back Bends
Opening up in the spine and chest feels great 
and strengthens our connection to intuition.
Ken will focus on safe and effective ways to prepare the body for back bending. Back bending helps provide internal warmth and openness without any strain. Ken has a gentle assuring aura about him. You will feel comfortable in his class helping you further enhance your back bending skills.

3pm - 4pm 
Good for balance and concentration, as well as circulation.
Turn your world upside down for awhile to improve your spinal strength and upper body. Inversions takes out all the pent up stress you might have been keeping and it builds emotional courage. James will teach us how to safely practice inversions with proper alignment with modifications for each level of yoga. Armed with knowledge in pilates therapy, James's classes are very informative and interesting. He will help you get in touch with body awareness.

4pm - 5pm 
Sitting Restorative
These yoga poses are great for winding down and connecting to our breath.
After hours of pushing yourself, after all the endorphin rush - what better way to end the yogathon with a nice sitting restorative session with Regine? It's time to slow down, breathe and sink into the mat. Restorative yoga is a very gentle form of yoga that uses props (such as pillows, blankets, bolsters) to help you to hold poses for a much longer time. Regine will teach us poses enabling us to move in all directions. All that needs to be done, is to arrange props to give the proper alignment - then it's simply rest, relax, breathe and just 'let go'. Not a bad way to end a yogathon huh? Regine is very detailed in her instructions making it easy for students to follow and understand. She's one pocket rocket!

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