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Charity : Surya Yoga Community Gives Back

“There is no exercise better for the heart 
than reaching down and lifting people up.” 

Every year, the Surya Yoga community gets together to help others in need. This year, our students donated funds to the Lotus Charity Care Centre Society Selangor & W.P. and Charis Youth Home Drug Rehabilitation Center.

A few of us loaded our cars with gift packages, boxes of daily household items and kind donations from our Surya Yoga students and made a trip to Semenyih, where the Lotus Charity Centre is located.

Regine, Billie, Josephine and Xiang spent their Sunday afternoon helping out.

We prepared bags of gifts for the children and old folks of the Lotus Charity Care Centre. Each bag were unique with personal messages and wishes from our caring students. Below are just a few examples. With donations from our students, over 20 gift bags were made.

We collected donations as well to provide the care centre with some everyday household goods to help the caregivers run the center with a little more ease. Food, shelter and even clothing is all provided by the care centre. Most times there isn't enough to go around. Not enough room in fact to go around as well. Everyone seemed uncomfortably squeezed in. 

Food donations and clothing is always appreciated by the kind people of the Lotus Charity Care Centre.

The home has 18 children and 17 senior citizens -very much overcrowded and uncomfortable for everyone at the home. The Lotus Charity Care Centre is a multi ethnic home providing assistance for those in need and do not have anyone to depend on. Many of the children have been abused and neglected by their parents. Some even rejected by society. Lotus Charity Care Centre is a safe haven for these children and abandoned seniors.

It was a surprise to see even toddlers being in the home. All the children, even the toddlers were very well behaved. There were no shouting, crying or screaming. No one was running around. The kind people running the care centre take care of everyone very well. Even the children that are old enough to attend school, when they have the funds, get to go for tuition classes.

Where does funding come from? Unfortunately, they do not get government funding. All funding are from occasional private donations. The care centre expresses their gratitude to our students for their time, effort and donations.

Overcrowding, as mentioned earlier is still a very difficult issue. More and more children and senior citizens need help and assistance, but the care center cannot provide enough room for them. 

When we arrived, a few were gathered outside to have lunch. The lady in blue (the caregiver in charge of the centre) handed out packets of food to everyone. All of us could see that everyone were taken care of with a lot of love. 

The senior citizens of the home ate lunch with the younger ones. It was eye and heart opening in a sense - the young and the old staying together in a home - caring for each other and creating their own family.

The care centre proudly displays artwork by the children. It's nice that despite circumstances, the children still manage to simply - be children. The kind people running the centre really put a lot of love, time, effort and care into giving everyone the best care and quality of life possible.

Josephine (Jo for short), filling up some donation forms.

The office had a few bookshelves filled with children activity books.

A few students made their own private donations to the center. The caregiver was all smiles accepting the generous donations given on behalf of the society. This is Jo, handing one of our student's private donation to the center. The care centre is always in need of funding and support from the public. They have plans to purchase a double storey bungalow house to accommodate the increasing number of children and senior citizens in need. (more details below)

Billie, having a look at certificates hung in the mini office.

Even little Eugene came along to lend support!

After getting to know some of the children, and letting everyone finish lunch. We passed around the gift bags. They care center rarely got holiday gift bags, so it was a pleasant surprise for them.

We managed to make everyone happy. It was really heart warming. Many of them were all smiles and excited to receive the gifts and attention. It is sad how many of the young and old get left behind and forgotten by society.

Jo, Regine and Billie handing out the gift packages.

The seniors in the care center were also given gift packages. The uncle in the white t-shirt (one of the 17 that squeezed in the little room provided) showed us around and helped us hand out the gifts.

Little Daniel excitedly opening his gift bag!

All the children were well mannered and helped us pass the gift packages to their other friends. They do not have much, but they share everything they have. It seems like those with the least are the most to give.

Daniel was pleasantly surprised to get some toys in his gift bag!

He couldn't wait to start playing with his new toys!

Another center the Surya Yoga community made donations to is the Charis Youth Home. The home has 40 members (from 13 to 50 years of age). This home in particular is a drug rehabilitation center and home for rebellious youth.

Families generally pay the center for the shelter and rehabilitation service they provide but many stop paying after one or two months and abandon their children. Charis Youth Home is always in need of donations from the public. They are also in need of everyday items to keep their centre running. They mentioned that their daily intake of rice alone is a little more than 1okg. Much support is needed. You can contact Chiew May 011 28094933 for more information on how you can show your support.

Both centers we visited do not get enough outside help. 

They struggle to stay afloat.

We urge you to lend a helping hand.

We hope that with our combined donations and effort, we could bring about more smiles, healthier living conditions and better quality of life for these forgotten members of society.

It's time we give back.

It's time to spread a little sunshine.

Real change won't happen without you.


Lotus Charity Care Centre Society Selangor & WP

No, 41 Jalan 3A Taman Hiew Piaw,
43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Bank in cheque or cash donations to
Hong Leong Bank
Lotus Charity Care Centre

Current project requiring your donation and support
Please click on image

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