Sunday, 21 April 2013

Testimonial - Surya Yoga Detox Retreats

" Hello everyone. I am a Surya Yoga student and I would like to share my past experience participating in one of Surya Yoga's many detox retreats. It was an experience! Definitely a memorable experience! I was rather afraid at first. I had no idea what a detox retreat was actually all about but I thought simply, why not give it a go? I really had nothing to lose.
Surya Yoga detox retreat participants

I learned that the main part of a detox is juicing. And lots of juicing we did! Every 2 hours, fresh juices filled with fiber were given to us to consume. It felt really nice drinking so much fresh fruit and vegetable juice. It was very uplifting and I felt very energized. 
There were also meditation sessions. That, I definitely would say was AWESOME! It really helped calm my mind and senses. All the stress I felt slipped away. 
The final day of the detox, we had to take a concoction of lemon and olive oil. I didn't throw up or made frequent toilet trips. It was surprisingly okay.
After 3 days of plenty of yoga activities and yes, detoxing, we were all advised to stick to vegan meals for the following 3 days. I felt my body being lighter and oh my, my complexion glowed for the entire week! A plus point of course!
Surya Yoga's previous detox retreat to Janda Baik

Only part I am a little unhappy about is that the trip was too fast. Before noon, on the very last day, we had to leave the resort. I would have preferred if we stayed a little longer and did not have to rush.
I learned quite a lot from the detox retreat. In fact, nowadays, I make it a point to brew my own ginger tea as what they taught us!"
~ Anonymous

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