Sunday, 22 September 2013

Creating Curves - Yoga Outfits for Rectangular Shaped Women

I wrote about yogi fashion for pear shaped women previously. As promised, I'm on to the next body type! The athletic rectangle! Natalie Portman is a rectangle as well, which is awesome because I really like her a lot, from Leon: The professional right up to even her Queen Amidala days in Stars Wars. Oh, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are rectangles as well. Rectangular Hollywood stars! (pun intended) 

Below are pictures of female body types as well as celebrities that correspond (I knew Beyonce was an hourglass! Her body is definitely bootylicious!). I'm an apple, perhaps I'll blog about that next. I don't mind having Kate Hudson's body. She's a fantastic singer. Watched Dreamgirls anyone?

So what characteristics do rectangular women have?

Well, the hips, waist and shoulders are of the same width or at least similar. These women don't really have curves and I would say, have a rather boyish, athletic figure. BUT do not fret rectangular women! There are ways to solve this problem by adding curves, balancing things out. I rather like rectangular women to be honest, they have that toned athletic body type and personally, adding curves is easier than lets say, trying to slim down? Reminder to self - emo less, yoga more!

So, let's get to it shall we? 

Below are tips for rectangular shaped women (smiles)
  • Look for scoop-neck tops or better yet, sweetheart tops. These designs give rectangular women some serious curves.
  • Tops with collars and ruffles are great - flatters your chest (yay!)
  • Try find tops with a band around the waist, or at least something prominent (a pop of color) at the waist to create the hourglass look
  • Layers! Adding layers give rectangulars more shape
  • Huggable clothes - or I mean, clothes that hug your body. That creates the illusion of curves.
  • In general, you can wear almost any yoga pants variations.
  • Try not to use the same shade of color on both top and bottom - that would probably make you appear blocky

Eg. - How to create curves (Yoga top and bottom)

Lola Tank from Zobha

Fast track tankRm299 selling at Danivy
(I REALLY like this one! This photo model reminds me of Kim Kardashian)

Tonic (Canada) selling at Danivy

Zaggora seems to be rather popular in Malaysia currently. Lots of deals/groupons online for Zaggora hot pants and 3/4 pants. Just need to wait for it. I bought one myself too. The ONLY downfall of Zaggora pants is that when you walk, you swish away. My thighs touch, so the pants touch. The material (can be compared to diving suits) tend to swish swish swish away. Makes me feel a little self conscious walking past people, but overall, it's great for yoga. It can withstand splits without any problems.

Women's Adidas Supernova Fitted Shorts,$28.00

Up next, for apples like me! Stay tuned!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away?


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