Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kids Yoga Workshop: A lil' Recap and Follow Up

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the parents and their children for participating in our “Back to Basics” Kids yoga workshop this year. I am happy to see some familiar faces from last year's Yoga Kids workshop as well! Surya Yoga Studio's team were also super supportive and assisted me in conducting the workshop. 

Kids yoga are for 3-11 year olds

Most participants were new to Kids Yoga

18 children from 3 years old to 11 years old joined us this year. This workshop might a first experience for some of the youngsters. I could see that they had experienced some anxiety and fear at the beginning of the workshop. This is completely normal for children to fear something new or what they do not understand. In fact, we (adults) get that too! True to kids yoga, me, Elisha and Jo got them excited and kept them engaged with our kids yoga workshop activities. After awhile, you could see the little ones come out of their shell and even start socializing with the other participants. The 3-4 year olds were extremely cute!

We managed to get everyone loosened up!

Everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, experiences anxieties and fears at one time or another. Feeling anxious in a particularly uncomfortable situation and NEVER feels very good. However, with kids, such feelings are not only normal, they're also necessary. Dealing with anxieties can prepare young people to handle the unsettling experiences and challenging situations of life. Feel the fear, but do it anyways!

A small mention though, as the young ones must learn to handle their anxieties, we (as parents) also need to learn to, I shall quote Elsa from Frozen (I am sure your little one is addicted to it!), we need to 'let it go'. Let go of our very OWN fear of letting our little ones feel discomfort and anxiety. It is instinctual to protect and nurture, but we also must learn to let go and sometimes let our kids learn things in their own way and right. Smaller things of course that doesn't cause any harm. It will actually build a sense of independence and confidence from a young age.

Lunch time!
One of the greatest joys of this workshop for me personally, is seeing the children’s creativity blossom! We had a card making activity. It had a heart motive in front. At first, Elisha (she is part of the studio team) was a little worried that it would be too complicated for the participants but I assured her not to underestimate kids. They are sometimes even more adaptive than most of us adults! Children are naturally creative. We need to allow them to push their own creative boundaries and inspire them with creatively engaging activities. They learn by seeing, doing, and exploring.

A lil' art and craft to kick off the workshop!

I am happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from the children after the workshop. This year's workshop included the basic concept of getting along and building strong relationships with parents, a little fun art and craft work, basic yoga poses, game, storytelling and most importantly, FUN!

Our little technicolor canopy!

Do join us for Kids Yoga class every Saturday at 3.30pm! We've also got a Family Day coming up and we are giving introductory classes to participants. More details in the attached poster below. Do check it out! We look forward to seeing the little ones again!

Thanks and regards

Susan Leow
Surya Yoga Studio Kids Yoga Instructor

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