Thursday, 1 October 2015

Beauty in Business

Hello, I am Felicia, a wedding decorator, and I am Yoon, a yoga instructor. We are the owner of Surya Yoga Cheras.  
Our Yoga studio
Opening of Surya Yoga Cheras is the stunning decision we ever made. We have no experience of running a business, yet, our yoga knowledge and experiences has depicted us to be yoga operator, a business owner.
With the support from Surya Yoga, which is the prominent brand in the Yoga industry has easily held up our dream. The Surya Yoga owner, Josephine teaches us to be instinctual beings and to always trust our guts when making any decision in life.
With the licencing program, we took up the program and start our journey. Surya Yoga putting us into the spotlight, and makes us more visible. We stand out as a boutique yoga centre with its relatively small in size business operation in Cheras area comparatively to other major yoga operators. Taking the advantage of its size, we have designed our own yoga boutique with Do It Yourself corner that carry out theme of operation.

Yoga studio outlook
Josephine advocates on knowing what we want and support us through to make it happened. The transition period of starting a yoga business has bring life, laugh and love to our life components. Yoga has embedded our daily values and working through it, we have overwhelming response sign outs within 2 weeks of operation.
It inspires us that the yoga industry are full of flamboyant personalities, egregious shows of attention and evidently discovering yoga values that lead to beautiful results.
House brand merchandise for sales
We can put a stamp on Surya Yoga that is the way to be applauded. And, all of this came to fruition because of a little help from Surya Yoga.
Let us shine you through with Yoga! Come and join us in:-
Surya Yoga Cheras (Taman Bukit Segar)
1A-B, Jalan BS 9,
Taman Bukit Segar, 43200, Selangor
Tel: +6017 359 5948


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