Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Renew . Refresh . Reenergized . Yoga Centre Branding

 What if the yoga centre that you manned gained the second chance? What if the yoga centre strive to success?
What if Surya Yoga could uplift your yoga centre business that you are manning? What if Surya Yoga could unite yoga operators?


The owner of Surya Yoga, Josephine Chan has this dream.
To connect to this dream, back to basic, the very word "yoga" makes reference to this. The root, "yuj" (meaning "unity" or "yoke"), indicates that the purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves with our highest nature. And, Josephine has bigger dream to unite yoga operators, yoga practitioners and yoga centres as one.  With her external achievements, she obsessed one yoga centre to two, two to four and multiply the success.
Paths to the Summit
Josephine outbreak the traditional way of doing business in manning yoga centres.  She make contacts around yoga operators, yoga practitioners, yoga centres that are low in manning, yoga centres that are low in commitment, small yoga centres that are low in investing time, low in performance and make connection and bond to one. Imagine this, how could this happen?
Licencing is the key.
What is yoga licencing mean and what the objectives lies behind?
Yoga licencing is a yoga enthusiast whom requires support in various aspects like marketing to uplift its’ business regardless of revenue nor membership, making eminent mark to give you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. 
Surya Yoga expands through re-establish the business by providing marketing strategy that involve creating a differentiated name and image for brand identity. Other than that, the process include advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.
The application of this technique carry the main functionality associated with its objectives like:-
1.       Help me to help you
2.       Enable to uplift brand
3.       Primarily, increase the business volume financially  
Ultimately, it aims to establish a differentiated presence in market, attract and retains loyal customers.
With Josephine’s capabilities, she managed to support through at least three (3) yoga centres for new opening in August, and two (2) in September and few more on the queue. These yoga centres shares the one motto. Each yoga centre has distinctive theme and able to make it personal and meaningful, and create space for members and yoga practitioners a space to linger. 
To start with, Josephine has the first area spotted:-
1. Cheras, Grand opening on 02 Aug 2015
Before, it was relatively small in size studio. After yoga licencing, Surya Yoga utilize its size and turn onto boutique yoga studio.
The corridor shares the heart warmth filled moment
Unexpectedly, the studio has turn into bright and distinctive feeling

A contemplative spirit in the space

At the edge, the rest area design
 2. Bukit Tinggi, Grand opening on 16 Aug 2015
Before, it was low business investment. After licencing, Surya Yoga turn onto merrier studio with kids' corner on the row.
Welcome to Grand opening on 16 August 2015,
you will witness the transformation!
3. Kuchai represents healthy corner, shakes and  replacement meal is available after yoga.
4. Puchong has Zen ambience that offers yoga practitioners to observe the breath, and the mind.
5. Sri Petaling welcomes garden feel provides comfortable and coherent environment.
Geographically, these are success transformation of renew, refresh and re-energized. Change begins with Surya Yoga. Branding is what you are. Surya Yoga is your direction.
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