Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Taking a change - Unlock bottleneck in yoga business

Regardless of what type of business you have, bottleneck in small businesses are norm. When it comes to the stage where you find limitation of process in the business system, it is time to take a change.
A married couple expressed their sympathy when finding a bottleneck in their yoga business operating for over 5 years.  Both of them neither know yoga nor running a business, yet they know the way to eliminate the biggest bottleneck from the business – THEMSELVES.

Let’s dive in how they look onto this.

Stanley and Chrystine is a dream catcher, they are running a yoga business as an innovator and a builder of systems. Both of them know nothing either on yoga or running a yoga business. No one knows exactly how big the yoga market is, but with the number of yoga practitioners in Malaysia are improving day by day, both of them author their yoga business and decided to take over the yoga centre and run as a new one. Though there are no hard and fast rule, the rule of thumb is to run as realistic as possible to kick start it.  Unfortunately, their business has come to bottleneck and immediate take them to think long term and think big. They have get the idea.

Be part of Surya Yoga licencing program is a way to perform creating business that will move as fast as it can. By investing efforts in the right place, they have found that Surya Yoga create opportunities and possibilities that can’t be fully realized by themselves. There, they has now turn to the 3rd Surya Yoga licencing program, Surya Yoga Kuchai Lama!

The entrance

 Surya Yoga unblock bottlenecks in the business and they discover the true low hanging fruit in the business. Finally, Surya Yoga Kuchai Lama focuses on substance over style. Surya Yoga has built marketing that is important to business success, of course ability of personal ability to communicate with members will be true key to abundance.
Supported by Josephine, Surya Yoga owner says: Speaking from own experiences and sharing from heart has been the best way to encourage people to try yoga. Literally, the disillusion has turn to more reality and now the yoga centre has the most classes ranging from beginner until technical yoga that caters every yoga practitioners.
Welcome to be part of Surya Yoga Kuchai. Contact us now:-
Surya Yoga Kuchai
33-1 & 33-2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park,
58200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6016 390 8112

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