Monday, 7 December 2015

The Magic Word: LOVE . SHARE . TRUST

Today, all branches of Surya Yoga come to share their love and happiness on Get-Together for the first time. There are over 40 of yoga enthusiasts came with glamourous wear in white for early celebration of Christmas and family dinner.
Correspond with the organizer: Surya Yoga founder: Josephine, she is an entrepreneur with a unique perspective in life. She is very diligent yet challenger. She soars her ambition to do extraordinary miles in yoga and thus grow and reinvent her yoga business by developing from one yoga centre to five yoga centres now, one person manage yoga centre to now family like management. Josephine overwhelmed how much she has grown and she will continue to grow.
She host and welcome the Get-Together dinner with heart warmth filled. The room is full of surprises with Christmas decoration and it has the most visual impact with Christmas lighting and colour scheme that embrace with the Christmas festive mood while keeping the theme and colour at home intact. The space mimic the glitter and allure of shiny ornaments that full of surprises exclusivity room for set to the mood of joy and fun.
Jospehine welcomed the group by offering sumptuous dinner ranging from salads, to main course with selection of chicken satays, lamb shank, chicken skewers, spaghetti and many more. It has desserts that everyone likes too.  The Get together was fun and Josephine opens her speech by thank you everyone in presence and officially announce and introduce each yoga entrepreneurs whom managed the other branches of Surya Yoga.  It received the most applaud when Josephine announces that there will be more Surya Yoga centres to come for next year that excites the group. In year 2016, Surya Yoga will be expecting to have another 3 more operators in Klang Valley. Wow, this is a way forward and be it aggressively grown.

Family of Surya Yoga Aman Suria

Family of Surya Yoga Kuchai
Family of Surya Yoga Cheras
Family of Surya Yoga Bukit  Tinggi
Family of Surya Yoga Sri Petaling

The dinner hikes up when Josephine invites one of the pioneer yoga instructor Dennis to be on the stage. Dennis is a humble and low profile instructor by telling all of yoga enthusiasts in presence that the power of this Get together is great and even meaningful to yoga enthusiasts. Yoga needs dedicated passion to grow, and all of presence are there with heart filled passion. Trust is amicably not forgotten as we place trust in Josephine, which we belief in the character, strength or truth of Josephine will sail all of us to better tomorrow.

This integrity level is undeniable and we are taking a quantum leap in yoga industry, believe it or not, we are! You have helped Josephine to make it, and you did it for yourself and your personal goal too. Now, both of them are trusting each other to step further to make it happen even in bigger prospective, taking the advantage of Pre-Natal Yoga is a plus point to promote.  Nevertheless, love is aired around the room with group photos among the operators and the get together dinner ends with fun, cheerful and make way forward to grow with Surya Yoga.
Surya Yoga as a family wishes you Merry "Twistness" and welcoming you to have Surya Yoga by your side, every yoga journey is a gift.  Visit any of the Surya Yoga branches:-


Surya Yoga Aman Suria; Suria Yoga Bukit Tinggi,
Surya Yoga Cheras, Surya Yoga Kuchai, Surya Yoga Sri Petaling
and thank you to be our Patron!


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