Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yoga Fit

With YogaFit, we take yoga to the next level. YogaFit practitioners will achieve a beautiful all-round toned body and reap the benefits of extra weight loss. YogaFit moves beyond traditional yoga practice with today's latest cutting edge fat burning techniques that integrates all the muscles in your body.

YogaFit allows more calories to be burned in a lesser amount of time, working on every angle of your legs, butt, arms, shoulders and core creating a well toned body full of energy. 

The main target of YogaFit is to lose fat and maintain or gain muscle.

(Right) For the same amount of weight, 
muscle is more compact compared to fat
the pen is to help with size comparison

In order to lose fat, the calorie intake should be smaller than the energy burned. We need oxygen to burn fat. Unlike aerobics which causes breathlessness, YogaFit focuses on raising the heart rate to 20-30% extra, while maintaining steady breathing.

Aerobics uses energy drawn from glycogen in the liver and muscles, not body fat stores. YogaFit is ideal because it targets fat stores instead of burning sugar alone.

In general, the first 20 minutes of exercise, sugar in burned from glycogen stores.
The next 10 minutes, energy is burned from glycogen stores as well as fat stores.
Only after 30 minutes of exercise will the body burn fat.

The key ingredient to fat burning, is maintaining a longer fluid exercise period, with moderate intensity.

YogaFit is a combition of yoga flow, pilates and aerobics.

The class starts off with a sun salutation flow to boost the cardio rate. We then continue with 4 different flows, targeting different parts of the body.

1st flow targets the leg muscles
2nd flow targets the buttocks
3rd flow targets the arms
4th flow targets the abdominal muscles

Overall you achieve a complete body workout resulting in a strong, fit, well toned physique.

With up tempo music and enthusiastic instructors, YogaFit classes are fun and dynamic. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and yoga levels.

YogaFit classes are now available on
Tuesdays 6.45pm and Saturdays 3.30pm

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